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SEC Compliance & Regulation in the State of Texas

If you are taking your business public, forming an investment company, or performing another regulated transaction, compliance with the state and federal securities laws is essential. If a registration statement is incomplete or misleading, or if your offering is not in compliance with securities laws, the SEC will not hesitate to open an enforcement investigation. An attorney with significant experience and support from an established law firm can provide you with legal guidance and peace of mind during complex business activities. In order to ensure you are taking the optimal approach to your securities offerings, contact Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law.

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Efficient & Accurate Securities Transactions

At Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law, our goal is to make sure your transactions and reports are accurate and completed in an efficient manner. We can assist you in the following securities law matters:

  • Preparation of securities registration statements for IPOs
  • Preparation of private placement memoranda for private securities offerings
  • Ongoing compliance under securities laws
  • Preparation of quarterly, annual, and current SEC reports
  • Preparation of proxy statements
  • Securities law general counsel
  • Formation of hedge funds and other investment funds
  • Formation of business development companies
  • Formation of venture capital funds and private equity funds

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    “Samuel Whitley was extremely knowledgeable and competent about securities law and business in general. In preparing the fund documents, Sam offered helpful perspective and recommendations on related details based on his previous experience. Also, he was quite timely and responsive in his work, answering questions typically within a day or a few days of being asked. In addition, I had some unique circumstances to address and I found Sam to be creative in helping solve problems and in creating solutions. I had originally decided to work with him due to his experience in securities law. After working with him, I saw the direct benefit his experience provided for the work he accomplished for me. I'm glad I decided to work with Sam for these activities, and given another opportunity I would definitely choose again to work with Mr. Whitley.”


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    “Sam is a well educated attorney that specializes in corporate law, merger/acquisitions and SEC compliance. I have worked under his legal supervision since 2007 and continue to do so today. Sam is not only a fine attorney but considered by many, as a man of high integrity and character. I strongly recommend Sam Whitley if you are looking for legal counsel.”


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    “Sam is one of the very best attorneys I know. Why? He is knowledgeable, reliable, dependable, and a pleasure to work with. He really takes care of his clients and works extremely hard at doing the best job he can for his clients. Please consider him if your looking for an attorney who not only can deliver results but who will be with you every step of the way. I am very confident in this recommendation as I have come to know Sam over several years and would recommend him to my family and business associates without any hesitation.”


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    “I really appreciate the legal services Mr Whitley rendered for my company Divergent Capital Partners LLC to buy and hold commercial real estate. The Whitley law firm has giving me advice on how to raise Capital for my company. I always get a quick response regarding my questions and legal concerns. I've been a client with the Whitley law firm for almost two years and my expectations are always full filled and exceeded. I highly recommend the Whitley law firm for business needs.”

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