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In Need of General Counsel?

Our Houston General Counsel Lawyers Are The One-Stop Solution for Your Company’s Legal Needs

Not every business can afford to keep an in-house attorney on their payroll. By the same token, no business can afford to take chances with the law. There's simply too much at stake. Here enters Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law. Our comprehensive general counsel services provide your company with full-time, Houston general counsel attorneys at a part-time cost. No matter the size or nature of your business, we can craft a custom ongoing legal plan for you.

A general counsel can help your business:

  • Review and negotiate contracts
  • Evaluate legal risks
  • Monitor compliance
  • Avoid legal entanglements
  • Strategize and grow

Of course you need a securities law attorney should your company face litigation, but the real benefit of having a lawyer on staff is the day-to-day input they're able to provide—the kind of input that helps avoid litigation in the first place. Furthermore, the familiarity that a general counsel has with the company makes it easier to prepare a case if the company does have to go to court.

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Why Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law?

For more than 15 years, Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law has provided general counsel for a variety of industries including energy, technology, entertainment, and hospitality. In each instance, we work closely with management to ensure that your business is operating legally and efficiently. Outsourcing your general counsel needs gives you the advantage of having regular access to full-service law firm resources without the excessive cost.

When your company hires Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law, you get “on call” priority access to a lawyer assigned to your company. Our fixed monthly fee also includes all the services that your company needs at no extra charge.

To see what an ongoing relationship with a Houston securities law attorney can do for your company, call us at (888) 252-8277 to schedule a consultation.

Why Do Companies Hire General Counsel?

There are a variety of reasons why companies may be interested in seeking out legal counsel. Our team of savvy corporate attorneys is able to cater to corporations and business leaders seeking representation for a variety of reasons.

Common motivations for seeking general counsel tend to include:

  • They have a steady amount of important legal and/or regulatory compliance work but no capacity for an in-house corporate law attorney.
  • They operate in a highly regulated industry, such as finance, health care, or insurance.
  • Their corporate strategy may require active readjustment. (acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.)
  • They may need to raise capital through one or more securities offerings or other corporate financings.
  • They realize that their legal status affects all aspects of their business and protects the longevity of their operation, so it makes sense to have the legal knowledge institutionalized within the company.
  • Some major fallout or disaster may have befallen the company or industry, and they are interested in protecting themselves from future disasters or disturbances down the line.
  • They are being encouraged by institutional investors to pursue legal counsel.
  • Click here to learn about the alternatives for hiring a general counsel

Call Whitley LLP at (888) 252-8277 today if you are interested in pursuing the sort of outsourced general counsel service that allows your company to get the legal advice and services that it needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house lawyer or setting up a corporate legal department.

How Does Our Outsourced General Counsel Program Work?

Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law offers an outsourced general counsel program for companies with frequent need for legal consultations. In this program, the company has unlimited consultations and unlimited legal work (litigation excluded) for a fixed fee per month.

Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law’s outsourced general counsel program is perfect for:

  • Well-funded start-up companies that need ongoing legal guidance to help grow their business and avoid legal problems (Link to Why Growing Companies Need General Counsel)
  • Public companies that need to stay in compliance with SEC requirements (Link to Why Public Companies Need General Counsel)
  • Mature companies that have a certain volume of legal and/or compliance work (Link to Why Middle Market Companies Need General Counsel)

With our outsourced general counsel program, Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law serves as your company’s general counsel, helping you in every aspect of your business – reviewing, preparing and negotiating business agreements; advising you on securities offerings and corporate financing transactions; consulting with management on everyday legal and corporate issues; and handling legal compliance issues. Our goal is to handle every aspect of your company’s corporate legal needs.

In our outsourced general counsel program, you don’t have to worry about running up a big bill with your lawyer or the clock ticking when you need to contact your lawyer with a question. We know that businesspeople hate to pay fees to talk to their lawyer or have them review a document. That’s why our outsourced general counsel program offers a flat fee for unlimited consultations and unlimited legal work

Reduce Legal Risk and Provide Your Company with Peace of Mind

Imagine having the ongoing support and knowledge of an in-house lawyer that doesn’t require a salary, benefits, payroll tax, or office space, and has a broad spectrum of expertise. That’s what you get with Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law’s outsourced general counsel program. We offer all of this at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house lawyer or setting up a corporate legal department.

Call (888) 252-8277 now to learn more about how our experienced corporate attorneys can help you further the best interests of your business.

Providing Superior Representation

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    “R.Sam is very knowledgeable in Securities Law. Reliable adviser in deal structuring. Accessible and accommodating to clients.”


  • Extremely Knowledgeable and Competent

    “Samuel Whitley was extremely knowledgeable and competent about securities law and business in general. In preparing the fund documents, Sam offered helpful perspective and recommendations on related details based on his previous experience. Also, he was quite timely and responsive in his work, answering questions typically within a day or a few days of being asked. In addition, I had some unique circumstances to address and I found Sam to be creative in helping solve problems and in creating solutions. I had originally decided to work with him due to his experience in securities law. After working with him, I saw the direct benefit his experience provided for the work he accomplished for me. I'm glad I decided to work with Sam for these activities, and given another opportunity I would definitely choose again to work with Mr. Whitley.”


  • One Of The Very Best Attorneys I Know

    “Sam is one of the very best attorneys I know. Why? He is knowledgeable, reliable, dependable, and a pleasure to work with. He really takes care of his clients and works extremely hard at doing the best job he can for his clients. Please consider him if your looking for an attorney who not only can deliver results but who will be with you every step of the way. I am very confident in this recommendation as I have come to know Sam over several years and would recommend him to my family and business associates without any hesitation.”


  • A Man of High Integrity & Character

    “Sam is a well educated attorney that specializes in corporate law, merger/acquisitions and SEC compliance. I have worked under his legal supervision since 2007 and continue to do so today. Sam is not only a fine attorney but considered by many, as a man of high integrity and character. I strongly recommend Sam Whitley if you are looking for legal counsel.”


  • I really appreciate what this company does.

    “I really appreciate the legal services Mr Whitley rendered for my company Divergent Capital Partners LLC to buy and hold commercial real estate. The Whitley law firm has giving me advice on how to raise Capital for my company. I always get a quick response regarding my questions and legal concerns. I've been a client with the Whitley law firm for almost two years and my expectations are always full filled and exceeded. I highly recommend the Whitley law firm for business needs.”

    David Lewis