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Why Do Companies Rely On Outsourced General Counsel?

Any company that wants to stay competitive and keep growing will inevitably encounter legal complications that will get in the way of that goal. From trouble with individual contracts to regulatory compliance, any little problem only gets bigger when it is mismanaged or rushed. The issue is made even worse in considering that executives and business owners rarely have the time and legal know-how to overcome legal obstacles. Many choose to rely on outsourced general counsel, which bring a number of significant advantages over keeping in-house attorneys on salary.

Top reasons why so many companies depend on outsourced general counsel:

  • Steady amounts of important legal and/or regulatory compliance work can be handled by a trusted attorney as they arise, not after they become problems. Even companies with new legal concerns each day can depend on outsourced general counsel to appropriately manage each one.
  • An outsourced general counsel can operate in highly-regulated industries, such as finance, without needing to worry about internal complications.
  • An active corporate strategy that uses acquisitions, joint ventures, and so on will run into more legal concerns than a company advancing at a slower pace. Outsourced general counsel allows your company to continue moving rapidly and actively without worrying about legal speed bumps.
  • Raising capital through one or more securities offerings or other corporate financings is made much simpler and less stressful with outsourced general counsel.
  • Outsourced general counsel can help anticipate, avoid, prevent, or solve “corporate tragedies,” such as an unexpected and significant drop in the health of an overall industry.
  • Legal knowledge is irreplaceable in any industry, even if executives, owners, and managers are not the direct source of that knowledge.

In addition to companies wanting outsourced general counsel, institutional investors want to see such legal services being used as well. When someone puts their money into a company as a serious investment, they will expect the company to respond by responsibly managing the company. Few things say you care about the future of your own company more than hiring outsourced general counsel or similar alternatives.

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