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How Does Our Outsourced General Counsel Program Work?

When running or managing a company, especially one of a significant size and market presence, each day can bring a number of legal challenges. Most owners and executives simply do not have the time to tackle each one themselves. Many others do not have the legal background to fully understand the situation and come to a truly educated solution. Outsourced general counsel can be the fix they need.

Comprehensive Solutions from Outsourced General Counsel

Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law of Houston, Texas offers an outsourced general counsel program for companies with frequent need for legal consultations. In this program, the company has unlimited consultations and unlimited legal work — litigation excluded — for a fixed fee per month. This can prove to be a truly priceless resource for companies that constantly deal with multiple deals, partners, contracts, and so forth at the same time.

Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law’s outsourced general counsel program is perfect for:

  • Well-funded start-up companies that need ongoing legal guidance to help grow their business and avoid legal problems.
  • Public companies that need to stay in compliance with SEC requirements.
  • Mature companies that have a certain volume of legal and/or compliance work.

With our outsourced general counsel program, Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law serves as your company’s general counsel, helping you in every aspect of your business. From reviewing, preparing and negotiating business agreements to advising you on securities offerings and corporate financing transactions, we will be right there with you from start to finish. You can also depend on your personal outsourced general counsel for consulting with management on everyday legal and corporate issues and handling legal compliance issues that could land your company in serious trouble if mismanaged. Our sincere goal is to handle every aspect of your company’s corporate legal needs.

Competitive Program Pricing Protects Your Company’s Coffers

In our outsourced general counsel program, you don’t have to worry about running across town to speak with your lawyer, or the clock ticking when you need to contact your attorney with a question. We know that businesspeople hate to pay fees to talk to their lawyer or have them review a document. That’s why our outsourced general counsel program offers a flat fee for unlimited consultations and unlimited legal work.

Reduce Legal Risk & Provide Your Company with Peace of Mind

Imagine having the ongoing support and knowledge of an in-house lawyer that doesn’t require a salary, benefits, payroll tax, or office space, and who also has a broad spectrum of expertise. That’s what you get with Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law’s outsourced general counsel program. All of the benefits of our program come to your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house lawyer or setting up a corporate legal department. We are headquartered in Houston but we can work with clients both near and far!

For more information about our outsourced general counsel and other legal services, call 888.252.8277 or contact us online.