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Staying compliant as a partnership grows

At Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law, we understand how formation, compliance and documentation can impact the value of private equity funds. To investors and companies, these financial vehicles offer numerous advantages that ultimately make it easier to maintain a high-viability portfolio. Our goal is to help you create a fiscal tool you can rely on and ensure you stay on the right side of the law in the process.

Tax regulations are anything but uniform. As rules are enacted and modified, valuation and reporting requirements change too; unwitting mistakes you make when setting up a fund might potentially result in errors or increased tax obligations down the line. Our past work helping clients build structures that incorporated diverse asset types and served a range of investment purposes continues to help modern Texan investors keep up to date with the rules that determine their legal obligations.

We hope to make the formation process as straightforward as possible. Our legal staff can help you prepare documentation, learn about the Securities and Exchange Commission rules that pertain to you, and respond to inquiries from prospective investors, existing stakeholders or authorities. As your portfolio objectives evolve, we'll help your strategy grow in kind by answering questions, offering crucial guidance and keeping you on schedule during the filing process.

It's impossible to master the nuances of regulatory compliance overnight. Investors can get in over their heads with relative ease, and agencies like the SEC may only offer limited guidance. For corporate investors, changing legal and social landscapes make it advisable to find out more about the potential public relations and profitability ramifications of different private equity strategies before employing them. Learn more about securities law by reading our article.