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$2.5 billion Microsoft investment to acquire Minecraft company

While those who play the popular indie game Minecraft may be initially unaffected by the transfer of ownership of rights to the from a small Swedish company to Microsoft, some speculate about the possible appearance of in-game advertisement and purchase options. Texas business owners may be surprised that the company spent so much in the acquisition of the popular game, noting that it may take a decade or longer to make up that expense through sales of additional units.

The game has already sold more than 54 million units since its creation, but children's video games can change dramatically in success levels in a relatively short period of time, according to some commentators. Some speculate that Microsoft may be attempting to garner a larger share of this market as Nintendo has experienced poor results with recent products like Wii U. Others speculate that Microsoft may be able to expand earnings through marketing of Minecraft merchandise.

Those concerned with the ongoing availability of the Minecraft community may appreciate that executives from Microsoft indicate that this aspect of the game is expected to stay in place. Others worry that there will be changes that affect the experience for those who are fans of the game. Although many see the move as a risky investment, others view the purchase as a timely acquisition as the company endeavors to expand its share of the video gaming market.

Small companies that create popular products may see many offers for acquisition. Such ventures may benefit from discussing the possible transaction with a business law attorney. In addition to representing a client during negotiations, the attorney could help the client provide and review the relevant documentation.

Source: Forbes, "Microsoft Makes $2.5 Billion Gamble On Indie Hit 'Minecraft'", Erik Kain, September 15, 2014