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BlackBerry sues over infringement

Like the rest of the world, Texas residents are dependent on their smartphones to do business and stay in touch with friends and families. Some devices feature touchscreens and others have small keyboards. Typo Products LLC is taking orders for a keyboard that can be used with some iPhone 5 models.

BlackBerry Limited is claiming that the keyboard feature infringes on its innovations and intellectual property used in its devices and has filed a lawsuit against Typo. The Typo keyboard uses small angled keys similar to those found on BlackBerry's smartphones. An early innovator in the industry, BlackBerry has been losing significant sales and market share in recent years to competitors such as Apple and Samsung but still has a loyal group of users who prefer the keyboard to the touchscreen.

One of Typo's founders is Ryan Seacrest, host of the television show 'American Idol". Neither Seacrest nor anyone else from the company commented on the suit. BlackBerry, a Canadian company, filed its lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The company had introduced touchscreen models in 2013, but they sold poorly and generated billions of dollars in writeoffs.

A company's patents, trademarks and other intellectual properties may be the lifeblood of the organization. A business may have spent millions of dollars and many years developing a product or technology on which it is dependent for generating continuing revenues. If another company copies or steals the knowledge or design, it may be very detrimental to the life of the developer. A business attorney may be able to assist a company to assure that the rights to what it developed are protected, including the initiation of business litigation involving possible infringement of those intellectual property rights.

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