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Manager sues new age guitarist for breach of contract

Texas residents may be interested in this story about how the position of Mercury led to a contract dispute. A manager has sued a guitarist for a breach of contract, alleging that the guitarist misrepresented himself as a hard worker when he was unwilling to work half of the year.

The manager began his relationship with the Hawaiian slack-key guitarist after one of the artist's performances in 2010. They worked together for a few months in 2011 as a trial period before signing a longer term contract. The manager made it clear that he was interested in a long-term agreement with a hard worker who is stable and honest. After the contract was signed, however, the artist turned out to have none of these qualities, according to the manager's complaint. The manager alleges that the guitarist misrepresented his work ethic, ability to earn income, and essentially every other aspect of his professional life.

The complaint alleges that, during the first year and a half in which they worked together, the guitarist declined nearly all of the work that the manager commissioned. When the work was done, commissions were paid late and the artist would often disappear for weeks at a time. The manager claims that the artist refused to work Mercury was in retrograde, which is about six months a year, and took conflicting career advice from his astrologist. All the while, the manager claims that he was getting the artist song licensing deals, tours and other professional work. The manager is seeking compensation for unpaid commissions and defamation, as well as damages for breach of contract.

Contract disputes can have profound consequences on business and financial relationships. When one party refuses to perform their end of the bargain and is in material breach, an attorney who is experienced with breach of contract may be able to help recover compensation for any resulting damages.

Source: Courthouse News Service, "Former Manager Sues Eccentric Guitarist", Cameron Langford , September 05, 2013