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Non-profit threatens to sue Long John Silver's for mislabeling

Many people here in Texas are familiar with the popular blue and yellow signs of Long John Silver's. Possibly most popular among the religious majority who only eat fish on Fridays, this fast-food chain has grown into a multi-million dollar empire, having recently been released by its parent company, Yum! Brands RSC, in 2011. But despite staying afloat during the worst of the recession, the company could be facing another problem on their hands surrounding how they have been listing their nutritional information.

As many of our readers may remember from recent articles posted about Long John Silver's, the company was voted as having "Worst Restaurant Meal in America" by the Center for Science and Public Interest. The non-profit organization, which advocates the testing of fast-food meals for their nutrition and health, called out the company for its 1,320 calorie Big Catch meal and how it's detailed to customers.

According to the CSPI, not only was the nutritional information listed incorrectly for the menu items but Long John Silver's is accused of falsely advertising the meal as well. After testing the foods in the meal, the CSPI says that it discovered discrepancies with the amount of trans fat and sodium that are listed for the items. Though the organization admits that they could not accuse Long John Silver's of misleading nutritional information for the haddock--an item that isn't listed on the company's official nutritional page because it is a promotional item--the findings for the other items that were listed was enough for the non-profit to threaten a lawsuit.

According to sources, the CPSI has notified the CEO of Long John Silver's about their findings and is presently threatening to sue the company for misleading nutritional information. Tests indicated too that the amount of fish described in the product's description was also misleading and has led to an additional accusation of misrepresentation of a product. Although the CPSI says that it has notified the Food and Drug Administration about these errors and has urged the agency to withdraw its approval of partially hydrogenated oil altogether, no official lawsuits have been filed at this time.

Source: CBS News, "Long John Silver's Big Catch named 'Worst Meal in America'," Michelle Castillo, July 2, 2013