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Wind-energy company sued for fraudulent business practices

Texans are no strangers to the U.S.'s dependency on oil to power everything from enormous power grids to our own vehicles. Many property owners, in an effort to 'go green'-as well as put a little additional money in their pockets-have chosen to purchase wind turbines to help generate 'clean energy' instead.

But it's not just residents in Texas who are tapping into this free energy; now residents in the Midwest are too. But according to some Minnesota farmers, one wind-energy company is not only cashing in on this need but allegedly profiting from fraudulent business practices.

In a lawsuit filed by the Minnesota attorney general, Renewable Energy SD is being sued after some farmers complained about a list of problems they were encountering after purchasing wind turbines from the company. A majority of the complaints accuse the company of selling faulty equipment, making false claims, and in some cases, not providing a product despite payment.

Some legal experts point out that this case brings up the issue of how a company's business practices can be called into question and how accusations of fraud can lead to a lawsuit.

Although some critics feel that the case out of Minnesota could very well be an example of a company committing fraud, it's important to point out that this may not be the case every time. It's not only important for businesses to protect their investments but those of their clients as well. Allow businesses don't usually plan on instances such as this, it's good to know that there are attorneys out there knowledgeable in business law who can help them clear the waters when it comes to harsh litigation such as this.

Source: The Star Tribune, "Attorney General Swanson sues wind-energy firm for bilking Minn. farmers," Dan Browning, Jan. 26, 2013