Why Hire Our Houston Securities & Business Attorneys?

Is your business headed for an Initial Public Offering (IPO)? Is your company looking to raise capital via a private offering? Are you contemplating a merger or acquisition? If so, it behooves you to seek immediate legal counsel. Whether you are a business owner or a savvy investor, you are undoubtedly aware that laws have the ability to aid or harm business growth. Without legal guidance, you run the risk of making unwise business decisions that could prove to be a major setback or get you into legal trouble. At Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law, our well-versed Houston securities & business lawyers can provide you with the reliable and personalized legal guidance you need for domestic or international business ventures.

We can bring the following to the table:

  • More than 10 years of solid legal experience
  • Spanish-speaking services, which can be invaluable when doing business in Latin America
  • Confidential case evaluations

Unlike other business law firms, we generally do not charge hourly rates. Rather, we charge fixed fees for most matters. With our general counsel service, we provide all the legal services that your company needs for a fixed monthly rate. As a result, you will know upfront what the legal fees will be for your matter. Whether you need our help with a one-time matter or need ongoing guidance, we are confident in our abilities to help you make smart business decisions.

Providing Strategy, Growth, and Success

Your business interests and goals are extremely important to us. We wish to provide you with the strategic counsel you need in order to steer your business towards growth, and ultimately, success. We will help you avoid issues that could hamper profitability. Our firm is led by Attorney Samuel E. Whitley, a lawyer who has been included in the Super Lawyers® Rising Starsâ„  list for his proven track record and commitment to excellence.

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