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Not every business can afford to keep an in-house attorney on their payroll. By the same token, no business can afford to take chances with the law. There's simply too much at stake. Here enters Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law. Our comprehensive general counsel services provide your company with full-time, Houston general counsel attorneys at a part-time cost. No matter the size or nature of your business, we can craft a custom ongoing legal plan for you.

A general counsel can help your business:

  • Review and negotiate contracts
  • Evaluate legal risks
  • Monitor compliance
  • Avoid legal entanglements
  • Strategize and grow

Of course you need a securities law attorney should your company face litigation, but the real benefit of having a lawyer on staff is the day-to-day input they're able to provide—the kind of input that helps avoid litigation in the first place. Furthermore, the familiarity that a general counsel has with the company makes it easier to prepare a case if the company does have to go to court.

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Why Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law?

For more than a decade, Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law has provided general counsel for a variety of industries including energy, technology, entertainment, and hospitality. In each instance, we work closely with management to ensure that your business is operating legally and efficiently. Outsourcing your general counsel needs gives you the advantage of having regular access to full-service law firm resources without the excessive cost.

When your company hires Whitley LLP Attorneys at Law, you get “on call” priority access to a lawyer assigned to your company. Our fixed monthly fee also includes all the services that your company needs at no extra charge.

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